Harvest Equipment

As part of our commitment to provide operations like yours with efficient, money-making equipment, we’ve developed new water saving designs for our Final Beef Carcass Washers. Chad pioneered the concepts of washing beef carcasses before evisceration, pasteurizing red meat carcasses and washing Viscera Tables and Viscera Pans using brushes and sprays. We have also developed a new Boot Wash System, Beef Hide-On Carcass Wash and several innovative antimicrobial systems. Each Chad product is designed to do the job better than what you’ve been using while also reducing your operating costs and increasing your profits.

Beef Harvest Equipment

  • Hide-On Carcass Wash and Sanitizing System
  • Hock Blowing Assembly
  • Preevisceration Carcass Wash
  • Preevisceration Carcass Organic Acid System
  • Head and Tongue Wash
  • Head and Tongue Pasteurization System
  • Viscera Table Wash
  • Tripe Wash and Handling System
  • Offal Wash System
  • Offal Pasteurization System
  • Final Carcass Wash
  • Carcass Organic Acid System After Final Wash
  • Cold Carcass 5% Lactic Acid Sanitizing Assembly

Organic Acid Sanitizing Spray Assembly, Hot Water Pasteurization System and Automatic Beef Carcass Wash with Maintenance Catwalks

Hide-On Carcass Wash and Sanitizing System

Hide-On Carcass Wash and Sanitizing System

This unique system is a new process for thoroughly cleaning beef hides during the harvesting process—after sticking and prior to legging. This innovative approach features proven, patented technology with several production systems in operation. The system features a complete carcass antimicrobial spray and carcass drying. Water reuse is available to minimize water usage. The many benefits of the Hide-On Carcass Wash include “clean” carcasses presented to the legging and opening operations and significant microbial reduction on the hide that carry forward through harvest and to the final product.

Hot Water Final Pasteurization System

Hot Water Final Pasteurization System

This innovative system utilizes proven, patented technology to reduce and control pathogens on the surfaces of your carcasses during harvest. The system is a two-step process of hot water followed by an antimicrobial treatment. Both are applied automatically to the surface of the carcass at the end of the harvesting process. This system is available for all plants of all sizes at very reasonable equipment, installation and operating costs. The Hot Water Final Pasteurization System is a very complete system including monitoring all critical operating parameters with alarm capability to meet all your HACCP requirements.

Hot Water Preevisceration Pasteurization System

Hot Water Preevisceration Pasteurization System

The Hot Water Prewash has shown significantly improved antimicrobial benefit versus the original prewash equipment and provides significant water usage savings at the same time. This system utilizes all of the features and benefits of the successful Hot Water Final Pasteurization System. It is recommended to move the antimicrobial cabinet downstream and close to the viscera table, if space is available. With this layout, the carcass has “drip dried” and the antimicrobial is applied to a hot, dry surface, offering better microbial reduction.

Left to Right: Beef Head and Tongue Wash Assembly; Offal Wash Assembly and Offal Pasteurization System; Tripe Wash Assembly and Tripe Handling System

Antimicrobial Spray System

Antimicrobial Spray System

The Antimicrobial Spray System is proven technology in reducing and controlling microbial contamination on all red meat products.The automatic mixing system supplies antimicrobial solutions at several points throughout harvesting, processing and further processing. It works successfully with lactic acid, Beefxide®, peracetic acid or other antimicrobial solutions of your choice. The application cabinet then applies the solution at scientifically approved operating parameters of pressure, flow, temperature, etc. The solution can be applied to carcasses prior to evisceration, at the final wash, on chilled carcasses and to other products (e.g., heads, tongues and offal) during harvesting and further processing. Together, the automatic mixing system and application cabinet make up the Antimicrobial Spray System. It’s a proven way to improve product quality and safety, extend shelf life and provide a marketable competitive advantage for processors.

Conveyorized Antimicrobial Spray System

Conveyorized Spray System

Concerns about cross contamination and bacteria transfer during further processing encourage the use of an antimicrobial spray on primal, subprimals and trim. The Chad Conveyorized Antimicrobial Spray System provides this treatment while integrating with your existing processing equipment or conveyor system. Unlike some “one size fits all” conveyors, the Chad system is available in any width, length or height to match your specific needs.

The Chad Conveyorized Antimicrobial Spray System can be used prior to needle tenderization, jaccarding or any other process that converts intact to non-intact product. Other uses include treating product just prior to packaging and treating outside and bench trim before grinding. Another increasing popular application is treating the outside of packaged product prior to opening the package for further processing.


  • Spray pipe and rodded belt provide 360° coverage
  • Integrates into existing processing system
  • Photo eye-controlled solenoid valve
  • Fully assembled and factory tested for ease of installation
  • Customizable—available in any length, width and height
  • Chad antimicrobial mixing, pumping and monitoring systems supply antimicrobial solution to conveyor
  • Contains and captures overspray in the spray area and pipe to drain
  • Design benefits perfected over eight years of experience with this equipment
  • Designed, fabricated and assembled in the United States


  • Proven antimicrobial results—comprehensive, scientific validation studies available
  • Reduce pathogens—E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria
  • Use for primal, subprimals and trim
  • Use on beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken and turkey
  • Use with lactic acid or other antimicrobials including Birko’s Beefxide®
  • Use prior to further processing including needle tenderization, packaging, grinding and more
  • Protects the plant environment and personnel
  • Low equipment, installation and operating costs

Left: The electrical control panel is prewired, assembled and factory tested prior to shipment. The red emergency stop button is standard. Center: Standard adjustable legs compensate for unlevel floors, and allow fine-tuning of the conveyor height. Optional locking casters allow conveyor to be moved during cleanup, and for multiple operations. Right: Upper and lower spray pipes provide 360° coverage—top, sides and bottom of product. Both pipes are easily removable for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.


Left: The stainless steel flow control manifold is pre-plumbed and assembled prior to shipment. The photo eye flow control solenoid valve minimizes flow and costs, by spraying only when the belt is operating and product is on the belt. However, in case of valve failure, a bypass continues to spray product. A pressure control valve sets desired spray pressure, particularly important if the antimicrobial mixing system is supplying more than one spray location. Other features include an isolation valve for ease of maintenance and a strainer for protection against plugged nozzles. Right: The stainless steel trim and primal belts are compatible with all antimicrobial solutions. The trim belt is rated at 63% open and the primal belt is rated at 75% open to provide excellent coverage from the lower spray pipe.

Hog Harvest Equipment

  • Carcass Brush-Type Polisher
  • Carcass Wash After Shaving
  • Preevisceration Carcass Organic Acid System
  • Automatic Head and Tongue Wash Assembly
  • Head and Tongue Pastuerization System
  • Viscera Pan Wash
  • High Pressure Neck Wash and Final Wash
  • Final Carcass Wash For Scalded Hogs
  • Carcass Wash For Skinned Hogs
  • Carcass Organic Acid System After Final Wash
  • Carcass Hot Water Pasteurizaton System

Hog Harvest Equipment

Sheep Harvest Equipment

  • Carcass Blowoff System
  • Preevisceration Carcass Wash Assembly
  • Preevisceration Carcass Organic Acid System
  • Viscera Pan Wash
  • Final Carcass Wash
  • Carcass Organic Acid System After Final Wash
  • Carcass Hot Water Pasteurizaton System

Other Harvest Equipment

  • Horse Final Carcass Wash and Related Products
  • Buffalo Final Carcass Wash and Related Products
  • Boot Scrubber / Wash

Boot Scrubber Wash

Boot Scrubber Wash

Use this unique product to automatically scrub, wash and sanitize soles, tops and sides of your boots and sanitize personnel’s hands at the same time. It can be located at the entrance and exit of the work place; especially your ready-to-eat product areas. In addition to providing very clean boots on a continuous basis, the Boot Scrubber Wash has several other benefits: reduces cross-contamination between processing areas, eliminates cleaning labor, requires no detergents, extends useful boot life and helps keep your floors clean.

Food Processing Equipment

  • Personnel Equipment Wash
  • Pan / Tote Wash
  • Vat / Tub Wash
  • Tree / Rack Wash
  • Ham Mold Wash