Disinfecting Entryway Foamers

Birko’s entryway foamer generates more foam with reduced amounts of chemicals using a high CV, or flow coefficient value, to create thicker, longer-lasting foam. A programmable logic controller with a real-time clock and adjustable dispense and dwell time settings allows users to foam on schedule for a pre-determined amount of time. The real time clock controls the operating hours so chemicals are not wasted even if the unit is not turned off at the end of the day.

Entryway foamers help keep E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other pathogens from migrating at processing plants, and should be placed in all critical plant entries.

These fully automatic systems replenish heavy antibacterial foam as needed throughout the shift. The entryway foamer can be set up as a stand-alone unit or linked in multiple units to a central chemical source.

The Birko entryway foamer is completely manufactured in the United States by Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko company, headquartered in Olathe, Kan.

Birko’s entryway foamers use economical Entry Foam® for regular applications or Birko Quadra-Quat™, Ultra Quat™ or Liquik 2CS™ for more serious plant problems.

The stainless steel entryway foamer is a compact 14” x 12” and uses 120 VAC electricity plus compressed air and a plant water line.

Fully automatic system replenishes thicker, longer-lasting foam as needed, allowing plants to foam on schedule for a pre-determined amount of time.

Floor Remediation

Birko’s remediation regime for problem floors is a good first step to improving the overall floor sanitation in your plant.

  • Rough down rinse with the hottest water available in your plant.
  • Foam the floor with a solution of Birko SuTec FG™ heavy duty cleaner and Birko 10-Chlor™ in the hottest water available and allow time to work.
  • Rinse with the hottest water available.
  • Foam the floor with Birko Acid Brite No. 2™ to neutralize the cleaning step and further strip the floor. Allow additional time to work.
  • Rinse with hottest water available.
  • Disinfect with Birko Ultra Quat™

Birko provides a final specification for all UltraClean™ Systems and assists the plant’s maintenance department with installation, start-up and calibration, as well as employee training. We are committed to the ongoing success of your operation so please contact us for wearable parts and maintenance support. Birko can also provide chemical use analysis and recommendations to cover your specific plant cleaning or sanitation issues.

For assistance specifying the correct entryway foaming chemical for each entry in your plant contact your Birko Technical Representative.