BOSS™ Blend-On-Site System

The Birko BOSS™ system blends high performance cleaning products on-site from custom super concentrates to solve specific cleaning and sanitation challenges. BOSS™ controls the allocation of chemicals to avoid inaccurate mixing while generating the highest level of security for plant management. Then the BOSS™ delivers the details to Birko’s online chemical tracking system, BirkoStats™, according to individual, department or chemical application. You’ll see an immediate ROI through chemical cost analysis, automated sanitation practices and better resource use.

With BOSS™, What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Birko’s BOSS™ has several advantages:

  1. Total Cost A/P: Formulates functionally equivalent products at a lower per unit cost
  2. Process Improvement: Computer-based chemical blending, dispensing and tracking
  3. Technical Expertise: Blending at point and time of use maximizes cleaning performance without compromising chemical stability
  4. Communication: Capture point of use chemical volume by department and user ID; six levels of embedded security
  5. Cost Reporting and Trend Analysis: BirkoStats™ delivers chemical usage and chemical cost analysis


BOSS™ tracks chemical demand data through the BirkoStats™ portal, providing custom reporting on a plant’s daily operations, and real-time insight into trends.

Monitor Consumption in Real Time

The BOSS™ features an industrial PC for real time monitoring of chemical consumption. The PC touch screen controls a main panel and electronically connects several remote panels. Remote panels are Allen-Bradley PLC based and designed to collect data at the point of use, then send it to the main panel.

As well as blending customized cleaning formulations, the BOSS™ system allows chemical usage to be tracked throughout the plant including sanitation, tripe, trolley, BLAST bromine, entryways, tallow split, rendering, CIP and antimicrobial process aids.

The BOSS™ allows users to customize formulas at both the main and remote panels, making it possible to formulate products, which are functionally equivalent to pre-blended products at a lower unit cost. The remote panels can do “point of use” blending, which is ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) applications, as well as trolleys and tripe. The main panel can be used for “blend on site” sanitation applications. The BOSS™ can be configured with six or seven remote panels for point of use blending, with one main panel for blend on site.

The BOSS™ push buttons and switches operate on 24 VDC power, which provides a safer Human Machine Interface in the often-wet environments of processing plants.


BOSS Delivers Cost SavingsThe BOSS system delivers cost savings by custom blending “functionally equivalent” products at your plant location. The cost savings are realized based on the efficiency of not shipping water necessary when formulating “Branded Dilute & Use” packaged product. If a comparison were made to the shipment of food, BOSS delivers somewhat “dehydrated” chemical that is rehydrated with facility water. The number of plant chemical solutions available from this option are almost unlimited.