Birko’s Liquik® Tripe System

Birko is the leader in tripe-washing technology and this system uses two pumps to add precise amounts of Liquik® Tripe Wash and Liquik® Bleach to tripe refiners. The system is wall mounted with manual actuation and adds both chemicals at once or separately in the correct amounts. The Birko Liquik® Tripe System pulls chemicals from bulk storage.

Leading Tripe Washing Technology

Part of Birko’s UltraClean™ Systems Line, the Birko Liquik® Tripe System efficiently mixes our tripe washing chemicals.

Birko provides a final specification for all UltraClean™ Systems and assists in installation and maintenance. Contact your Birko Technical Representative for more information on the Liquik® Tripe System and the other chemical dispensing equipment in Birko’s UtraClean Systems line.