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Birko features a full line of specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment for the brewery and winery industries. We were the first company to introduce acid and non-caustic alkaline cleaning in the mid-1990s, later followed by acid- and detergent-only cleaning of bright tanks in 2011. As you cover product quality and safety for the beverage industry, please keep the experts at Birko in mind.

Birko’s experts can address:

  • Removing beerstones and other soil stains from metal in breweries
  • Reducing chemical usage and greenhouse gas (C02) with acid- and detergent-only cleaning
  • Reducing biofilms in the brewery
  • Increasing yields and head retention with antifoams
  • The advantages of non-caustic cleaning

In the Press Room, you’ll find bios of Birko’s chemists/microbiologists, and additional resources including a company profile.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange an interview.

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Kristi McCrery
Marketing Coordinator

Chemists and Biologists

Birko’s expertise and innovation in brewery product quality and safety is built on a strong technical foundation. We have developed innovative, cost-effective, and extremely efficient cleaning and sanitizing protocols that work consistently.

We are actively involved in industry associations, including the Master Brewers Association of the Americas and the American Chemical Society.

Here you can learn more about our team’s specific areas of expertise. These professionals are available for on-site consultations with customers in the brewery and winery industries.

High resolution photos are available on request.

Dana Johnson, Brewery Specialist
Victor Reusch, Ph.D., R&D Chemist
Elis Owens, Ph.D., Chemist/Microbiologist
Ramsey Johnson, Lab Team Member


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