Birko Matching Products

Birko offers a complete line of brewery products that are comparable to those offered by Five Star.

For more information or to place an order:
Please contact Dana Johnson, Birko’s Brewery and Winery Specialist, at 800-525-0476 or email . We service what we sell 24/7!

Birko’s Brewery Products vs. Five Star Products

We carry alkaline and acid products, sanitizers and manual foam cleaners, all at competitive prices.

Five Star Birko
Alkaline Products:
PBW Bru-R-Ez™, Cell-R-Mastr™
Super CIP (Powder) Cir Tec® CLQR (Liquid)
HD (Heavy Duty) Caustic #2 N/A
Acid Products:
Acid #1 (Phos./Nitric) Acid Brite #2™ (Phos./Nitric)
Acid #3 (Low foam Phos.) Rustec™ (Low foam Phos.)
Acid #5 (Nitric/Phos.) Ultra Niter™ (Phos./Nitric)
Acid #6 (Phos./Nitric) Acid Brite #2™ (Phos./Nitric)
Starsan (Phos./Anionic Surfactant) Acid-Kleen™ (Phos./Anionic Surf.)
Star-xene (5% Active ClO2) Dioxychlor™ (5% Active ClO2)
Quantum (10% Active Quat Bi-Quat™ (10% Active Quat)
IoStar (Low foam) Iodophor Dyno-Mite™ (Low foam) Iodophor
Peroxyacetic Acid BIRK-OX™ 5.6% Peracetic Acid
Manual Foam Cleaners:
CMC (Chlorinated Manual Cleaner) Pronto™ (Noncaustic, Oxygenated)
Star Powder N/A
Best Cleaner Pow-R-Scrub™, XLNT-4U2™
Sparkle Foam Chlor 535™
N/A Bi Tec® 77H