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Terry McAninch
Vice President of Research and Development

Material Changes to Safety Data Sheets

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration — OSHA — has mandated that all Material Safety Data Sheets be converted to…

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Birko’s online chemical tracking system, BirkoStats™, provides quality assurance, supplier performance and operational excellence for food processing plants.

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Quality Assurance, Supplier Performance and Operational Excellence
for Food Processing Plants

Birko’s online chemical tracking system provides an immediate return on investment by optimizing data collection efficiency and utilizing real-time reporting to:

  • Report on chemical applications
  • Monitor equipment service reporting
  • Manage chemical performance
  • Advance food safety and quality
  • Identify trends quickly and easily

BirkoStats™ uses a dashboard data presentation format and customized security model to produce a variety of real-time analytical reports that provide instant access to performance indicators.

At-a-glance reports provide a comprehensive overview or greater detail on chemical usage trends and equipment maintenance. These service reports are a valuable way for management to gauge return on investment and effectively manage best practices.

Product Usage Report

The BirkoStats™ dashboard data presentation format provides a comprehensive overview on chemical usage trends and equipment maintenance.

The Birko Advantage

BirkoStats™ is a critical component of The Birko Advantage, an integrated food safety solution of environmentally safe chemistry, state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive information technology. We are so confident that The Birko Advantage will assure a more efficient, economical and safer food plant operation, that we guarantee a 20% cost savings or we will make up the difference. Watch the video.